Young couple tie the knot in traditional pedi gay wedding at Tickyline village


By Theodorah waga Mawasha

TICKYLINE-South Africa is a leader in the world of equality, enjoying an all-inclusive constitution, where same-sex marriage is legal and discrimination against LGBTQ+ people outlawed.

Their traditional wedding was to unite the two families.

However, that has not stopped homophobia and fear of embracing LGBTQ+ as fully equal even though the country was also the first In Africa to legalize same-sex marriages in 2006.

Lehlogonolo Pilusa( 24) and Emmanuel Mokwena (20), from Tyckyline and Pulaneng villages respectively, tied the knot in a traditional wedding at one of their villages, breaking the stigma against same-sex marriages.

The cake symbolises everlasting love for the couple.

The smitten couple met in December 2021 and tied the knot in August 2023.

As friends and family showered their love and blessings on the same-sex couple, it was a sight to behold and cherish for not just those in attendance, but many others who have been hailing this as a big step towards achieving an inclusive society, the couple sealed their commitment with heartfelt promises and exchanged rings, symbolizing their journey together.

In conversation with Tzaneen Voice, the pair said that they took the giant leap of faith to inspire same-sex couples to come out of the closet and for black communities to embrace the LGBTQI+ community.

“My wife and I met at one of the local shopping centres. I am the one who made the first move. We have never stopped talking afterwards. Our relationship is beautiful because we never listen to the negative things people say. People will always talk anyway”, Pilusa said.

“We make each other happy and our families support our union and that’s what is important.

The occasion was marked by heartfelt speeches, moving performances, and a sense of unity that underscored the significance of the moment. As the couple embarks on this new journey, they look forward to building a life together, filled with shared dreams, mutual support, and a strong bond that will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration to others.

Many people are scared to come out because they fear being victimized. We hope that in some way our story will inspire them to live freely”, Pilusa continued.

The pair said that “being gay is as normal as being black”, and that no one deserves to be killed or discriminated against because of their sexual orientation.

The couple confirmed to Tzaneen voice that they will go by the double-barreled surname Pilusa-Mokwena in future.


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