Wrong Body Causes Pandemonium at a Funeral In Nkowankowa


NKOWANKOWA- The family in Nkowankowa is devastated and furious after the funeral parlour delivered the wrong body to the funeral this morning.

The Seerane family had to stop funeral proceedings after discovering that Lindani Maeteko undertakers had allegedly delivered the wrong body.

Ritavi Police confirmed that they have contacted Lindani Maeteko undertakers and it was discovered that there was a body mix-up in Gauteng where the deceased lost her life.

A family member told Tzaneen voice that the mourners were asked to wash their hands and disperse while an arrangement to bring the body home from Gauteng is being made.

She further said the family wanted to view and dress the body yesterday but the undertaker did not allow them.

Lindani Maeteko management has not commented on this matter as their phones ring without any response.

One relative by the name of Khensani Maluleke took to Social media to raise her frustration about the incident.

The funeral will continue immediately when the body arrives

The family is looking for accountability from the Maeteko Lindani funeral parlour.


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