Work underway to establish two new universities in South Africa.


By Staff Reporter

POLOKWANE-During the 2020 State of the Nation Address, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the establishment of two new universities in South Africa.

The establishment of these new universities represents a significant step forward in addressing key educational and societal needs in South Africa. These institutions aim to address critical needs in the country’s educational landscape, with one focusing on Science and Innovation in Ekurhuleni and the other on Policing and Crime Detection in Hammanskraal.

The University of Policing and Crime Detection and the University of Science and Innovation represent significant progress in addressing key educational and societal needs.

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), following the announcement, initiated a comprehensive feasibility study in two phases to assess the viability of these institutions.
This first phase was completed in September 2022, laying the groundwork for further development. Phase 1 focused on defining the Vision, Mission, and Academic Mandate of the new institutions, planning for growth and governance structures, and assessing site suitability and financial implications. It also outlined proposed academic programs and qualifications.

Key findings for the University of Policing and Crime Detection included an ideal site in Hammanskraal and a proposed qualification mix. Financial projections indicated initial deficits, requiring ad hoc grant funding. The institution was advised to be named a university rather than a Higher Education College.

The University of Science and Innovation is slated to offer programmes in various fields, with similar financial projections and sustainability challenges. Students can expect to pursue studies in the field of green energy technologies, technology-driven agro-processing, aerospace engineering, artificial intelligence and more.

Phase 2 will focus on finalising programme structures, securing funding, establishing governance structures, and finalising site development plans.

Ongoing developments include progress reports to the Cabinet, finalisation of concept designs, and the development of a work plan for project implementation. Financing remains a challenge, but through planning and collaboration, these institutions aim to advance science, technology, and public safety in South Africa.

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