Wisani is looking for Drivers


Applicants must be located in Polokwane and have their transport to and from the working location.

The successful applicants will be scheduled for funerals on weekends when needed by the company and will be required to perform all driver duties as per the company job description and company policies. When scheduled, the applicant must be available from Friday, until duties are complete.

The successful applicant:
*Will be submitted to a drug test before any driver testing and scanning
*Must be older than 30 years of age
The first issue of the license must be more than 5 years old
*Must have a valid license for at least 6 months ahead
*Must be the holder of a valid PDP
*Must have at least 5 years of traceable work references. Preference will be given to applicants who have experience in company vehicles
*Must be able to drive all types of vehicles
*Chronic medication must be declared to the company upon application.
*Be literate with good reading and writing skills and fluent in English
Be honest, trustworthy, and have sober values

This is a temporary position and does not include a permanent working contract.

CV’s must be emailed to apply@wisani.co.za with the subject “Polokwane Driver”

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