Vutivi Makhubele, my parents wished me to become a lawyer, but my teachers saw something different


By Thabo Monyela

NKOWANKOWA- Growing up from a family that wished to raise a lawyer in her, Vutivi stepped out of her parents’ desires to curve her own career path in the media fraternity.

It was right in matric at Bankuna High, when the Nkowa-Nkowa-born dexterous communication officer Vutivi Makhubele, discovered her writing and public speaking skills and decided to pursue a degree in Media studies with University of Limpopo, at the back of her parents who wanted her to become a lawyer.

” My parents wished me to become a lawyer, however the teachers at school saw something different and encouraged me to study media because I was good at writing and public speaking”

The teachers became convinced that I was a media destined practitioner, when I pitched the idea of establishing a school-based newspaper, that will mainly cover issues happening at our school surroundings” Makhubele said.

She further added that even though she curved her own path in the media, her parents who longed to see a lawyer in her were supportive and still are, towards her career path.

The soft-spoken ardent communicator says she takes pride in working as a media liaison officer of Tzaneen Municipality, where she on a daily basis communicates service delivery issues that affect the residents.

Besides being a media liaison officer of Greater Tzaneen Municipality, She’s the co-founder of a charitable NGO, which aims at helping struggling parents who deliver their babies at public hospitals with perishables, nappies and clothing.

During the peak of Covid-19, with the help of the former GTM mayor’s wife Precious Mangena, her NGO managed to raise the total amount of R15k in a space of two days to reach out to the struggling parents with baby starters at Van Velden, Letaba and Dr. CN Phatudi Hospitals.

” Seeing mothers in hospital struggling with baby necessities, encouraged me to reach out to them. I was left touched when I saw how mothers fought to reach the blankets of my 5-year-old child that dropped at one of our hospitals” she said.

Makhubele’s dream is to grow the initiative to ensure that babies born from struggling parents are delivered with dignity.

The GTM media liaison officer says the government communicators in Mopani district are doing enough to build and maintain the credibility of the institutions through constant information sharing, however she said the communicators should do more and better, because some information doesn’t reach the society.


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