Undocumented Zimbabwean national arrested for bribery


By Agreement Mabunda

TARENTAAL—A Zimbabwean national arrested for trying to bribe SAPS official on Friday at Tarentaal junction.

It is reported that Tzaneen saps vispol members were on their routine patrol when they spotted an African male loitering on the Tarentaal junction at about 19:30.

The police stopped and searched him then asked for his documentation. The 27-year-old suspect did not have any documentation but informed the police that he was in the country illegally but he could fix that by handing out a R200-00(Two hundred Rands) note to evade arrest.

The police refused to play the corruptor corruptee game. The officers arrested the 27-year-old Zimbabwean from Bhuhera on the spot and detained him at Tzaneen police station for bribery and illegal immigration.

A background check of the suspect would be made to ascertain if he did not commit more serious crimes while he was roaming around the country undocumented.

The station management applauded the outstanding work done by the officers as this would deter would-be offenders.

The suspect will appear in court soon.


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