Tzaneen Talented Young Radio Presenter Joins Thobela Fm


POLOKWANE-Thobela FM has announced a few changes to its line up which included the arrival of the talented presenter Poelano Setwaba (25).

Throughout her 5-year career in community broadcasting,  “Madam Speaker” as she’s affectionately known has proven to be a formidable force who is not afraid to use her voice to both entertain and stand up for what matters.

Now, as Setwaba continues to build her career, she is making the big move to national radio as she officially joins Thobela FM where she will co-host the Ditlalemeso Breakfast show this coming Monday, May 3.

This vibrant and witty presenter kicked off her career at Energy FM as the co-host of the Energy Drive and The Ashifa Breakfast on Energy Fm, which groomed her into the formidable host she is today.

 Setwaba is known for her distinctive style ,bringing her own flavour  of music and conversation to everything she does.

“I never imagined that a national radio station will see me as worthy. I want young people to know that there is no dream too big for them. Don’t give up on your dreams just because you are scared. Do it while being criticized. Do your best and God will do the rest. she said

MADAMA SPEAKER: Taking her broadcasting career to another level.

Armed with a degree in Media Studies and currently completing her Honours degree in the same field, Setwaba told Tzaneen Voice that her move from Urban Community radio to a national radio station will further spotlight her radio capabilities and ability to connect with listeners in a relatable manner.

The young, dynamic and multi-talented presenter credits her family as a pillar of strength for her achievements.

“My family was with me when I applied. They were with me with when I was called to attend the interview. And they were with me when I received my appointment”

On what listeners can expect from her, the Flora Park born and Hoerskool Merensky alumni says “Being one of the first voices people hear as they wake up in the morning comes with great responsibility but listeners must expect nothing short of greatness, authenticity and an interesting experience every morning”

Catch Ditlalemeso with Poelano Setwaba and Lenny T on Thobela FM every morning between 7 am and 9 am from Monday 3 May 2021.

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