Two people died and one injured in a head-on collision on R36 near Makhutswi power station


By Staff Reporter

OFCALACO-Two people suffered fatal injuries and one suffered severe injuries in a head-on collision in R36 near Makhutswi power station. on Friday, evening.

According to the report the horrific crash involved Black Polo sedan and a Red Renault sedan.

It is alleged that a Polo driver was overtaking and collided head-on with an oncoming vehicle. Both drivers were killed on impact.

Paramedics arrived to find total carnage on the roadway. Two vehicles had collided head-on leaving all of the occupants severely injured.

Emergency services quickly triaged the scene and it was found that unfortunately two males had suffered fatal injuries and had passed away before their arrival.

They began assessing the remaining casualties and found that one passenger had been injured and was immediately stabilized and transported to a nearby hospital for further care.

At this stage it is unclear what caused the collision however SAPS were on the scene and will be investigating the matter further.

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