Two Lenyenye families at loggerheads over house ownership dispute


By Theodorah Waga Mawasha

LENYENYE-The prevention of illegal eviction and unlawful occupation of Land Act of 2021 (PIE ACT), safeguards South Africans from being evicted from the land or property they occupy.

Mokgadi Madiya’s family house in Lenyenye, Greater Tzaneen, was vandalized by a group of unknown young men on Tuesday, August 23, in full view of onlookers and neighbours.

It is reported that the suspects were allegedly trying to forcefully remove the family out of the house.

According to the family, the suspects stormed in and started breaking furniture and pelting stones at the house prompting them to run for their lives. They said that their suspicion is that the vandilizers were allegedly sent to destroy the property by a family that claims they bought the house and has been fighting over the house with them for years.

In light of this development, the Madiya’s have been left destitute.

“The house belongs to my mother who is alive and well but because she is aged, I had to take over. We have a title deed for this house and we are the rightful owners. The family that claims they bought this house sent people to come and destroy the property. My children had to sleep over at their friends’ house because the house doesn’t have a roof. We are hopeless”, Madiya said.

“My lawyer is handling the matter. However, I feel like the justice system will take years to resolve the dispute while we are being intimidated by these people”, Madiya continued.

The family referred the publication to their lawyer Ponele Seshai to give insight into the matter.

“The matter was taken to court and my client was advised to vacate the house. However, we are going to appeal that ruling because my client has a strong case and is also in possession of a title deed”, Seshai stated.

Meanwhile, the Madiya’s have opened a case at Lenyenye police station however no arrests have been made yet.

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