Two Bangladeshi nationals remanded in custody for soliciting bribe to withdraw a rape case in Phalaborwa.


By Staff Reporter

PHALABORWA-The two suspects aged 30 and 40, reportedly tried to bribe the local community activist, Edmund Mbetse in Namakgale to influence the parents of a 10-year-old child who was allegedly raped by their fellow Bangladeshi friend, Hossain Akter, to drop the charges.

The 10-year-old child went to the suspect’s shop in Namakgale on Sunday 08 May 2022 at about 11:00 to buy an airtime voucher. Instead of serving her, the suspect locked the door and raped the child inside. He thereafter let her go. The matter was reported to the police and he was arrested on the same day at his shop. The case against the accused was postponed to 20 June 2022 for further police investigations.

The suspects allegedly offered to pay the activist an amount of money to make use of his influence to convince the parents to withdraw the charges against their fellow countrymen. After paying a portion of the money, members of the Provincial Anti-Corruption unit immediately pounced on the two suspects and arrested them.

The suspects were arrested on Friday, 03 June 2022 and today, 06 June 2022 they appeared in court and their case was remanded to Friday, 10 June 2022.

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