Tsidinko-Mogabe residents share contaminated water with donkeys and dogs from a nearby river


By Theodorah Waga Maake

GA-MAAKE-The residents of Tsedinko-Mogabe village, Ward 35 in Greater Tzaneen, are concerned and fearing for their lives due to the scarcity of water in the village.

The water shortage has subjected them to sharing contaminated water with donkeys and dogs from a nearby river.

According to a resident who did not want to be named, ward 35 has not had water for a long time. Thus, the municipality promised to arrange trucks to deliver clean water, but, nothing has materialized.

This comes at a time when the country has been battling with the outbreak of cholera, a deadly bacterial disease.

A community member said that they live in fear of contracting diseases day in and out.

“Do you know how difficult our lives are. We live with the fear of being infected with cholera and the corona virus on a daily basis. We wash our clothes and drink the water from the same river. It is risky. We are tired”, she said .

Ward 35 Councillor Ngwako Ratopola was contacted, however, there has not been any correspondence.

Mopani District Municipality media liaison Odas Ngobeni said that the municipality has noted the issue.

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