Tsakani Mhlongo Ploughs Her Way to Success

By Thabo Monyela

TZANEEN- The Tzaneen-born budding young woman farmer, Tsakani Mhlongo said being a black farmer is about going back to the roots and maintaining African heritage.

Mhlongo is the founder of Swa Tsakani Farming which was founded in 2018 in Swireresa farm, Tzaneen. Swireresa farm is a family property that she leases.

Swa Tsakani farming is a small-scale farm producing diverse crops such as Okra, butternut, spinach, brinjal, chillies, tomatoes, and poultry (broilers) farming.

YOUNG FEMALE FARMERS: Produces Okra, butternut, spinach, brinjal, chillies, tomatoes,and poultry (broilers) farming

Mhlongo is not just a beautiful young woman but she is also an example of beauty with brains. Apart from being a natural born-farmer, she holds qualifications in Corporate Communications and Project management, which she uses the knowledge and skills acquired from these qualifications are currently helping her to run the farm consistently and efficiently.

The vibrant young woman farmer is the second-generation farmer in her family. She exclusively informed Tzaneen Voice that she was introduced to farming by her father at an early age.

“I use to milk cows when I was very young and would always be at the back of a bakkie going to the farm instead of the kitchen doing what women are supposed to do” she added.

Her passion for farming is paying off, with Swa Tsakani, supplying fresh crops to the various supermarkets locally and also some markets in Johannesburg, Gauteng. The farm also caters to the informal markets in various local communities.

She further highlighted that being a black women farmer is not an easy ride, as you will always have people coming to confront and challenge your authority, however because of her hardworking staff members, the farm is consistent with its supply deadlines.

The outspoken young farmer advised women to refrain from putting themselves in situations that offer only temporary satisfaction which later compromises their future. #Tzaneenvoice

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