Traditional Healer allegedly Snatched by Unknown Creature While performing Rituals at Letaba River


By Theodorah Waga Mawasha

NKOWANKOWA- A traditional healer believed to be between the ages of 32 to 35 was allegedly grabbed into the Letaba river by an unknown creature near Nkowankowa in Greater Tzaneen.

The incident is alleged to have happened on Saturday morning, at around 10 am, and the victim whose name has been withheld by the family cannot be found.

A well place source who is very close to the family told Tzaneen voice that they saw something scary creature taking the victim into the water.

“A huge scary creature, came out of the water grabbed him, and took him inside the water” he explained

One person was treated minor injuries  minor and discharged at Letaba hospital.

The victim’s parents have spoken out and said that what happened is a norm and they are confident that their son will return soon.

As per tradition the family and fellow traditional will beat the drums and sings until the man comes back.

Ritavi Police station Communication officer Sergeant Mawila confirmed that the search is underway but there is no breakthrough.

“SAPS K9 Search and Rescue Units searched the area however, there is no trace of the man” she said



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