Torrential rain wreak havoc in Sekgosese


By Theodorah waga Mawasha

SEKGOSESE-Several families of Vaalwater 2 in Sekgosese village, Greater Letaba, have been left destitute following heavy rain that left a trail of destruction in the village. The rain destroyed multiple houses and infrastructure on Wednesday afternoon.

The village was hardest hit and those affected are left with the mammoth task of rebuilding their lives from scratch as furniture and household items were destroyed, while electricity connections have also been affected.

A resident who was also affected pleaded for help to restore electricity in the area.

“We have been left without electricity as a result of electricity lines and transformers that went out of service when it was raining”, a resident said.

What is more concerning for the villagers is that if this matter is not taken seriously, children who play nonchalantly next to the fallen electricity lines which are hazardous and deadly could be harmed.

Eskom authorities and relevant stakeholders have been notified.

Meanwhile, the South African Weather has warned that the heatwave is expected to resurface this weekend.


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