Top ANC Member Allegedly Involved in a Fatal Mob Justice Ordeal at Tickyline Village


By Thabo Monyela

TICKYLINEIn a brutal turn of events, African National Congress [ ANC] Velly Hlokwe branch members, and their relatives whose identities cannot be revealed at this stage were arrested, while some are still at large after being fingered in the torture and the subsequent killing of a 20-year old man.

The incident allegedly took place at Tickyline Village, Ga-Maake in Greater Tzaneen on Sunday, January 24.The victim identified as Maishe Kgatle was captured and heavily tortured to death after he was accused of stealing a cellphone belonging to a top ANC member, alleging a family member.

According to a family source, a group of 7 vigilantes stormed at Maishe’s home viciously tortured him, and then took him to one of ANC members’ homes in Hlala-mpsa village to continue with the vicious attacks.

The family member further alleges that the deceased was captured and inhumanely tortured from 2 pm to 3 am using heavy weapon steel, which was used to assault him on the head, and burning plastic which was pushed through his mouth, to force a confession out of him.

After 10 minutes of agony, Maishe succumbed to a 13 – hour torture in the hands of his disabled mother.

“We admit that Maishe was a notorious boy, but after how heavily tortured he was, the Maishe we knew would have confessed to stealing the phone, this time as a family we believe that he was innocent,” the family member said.

It is believed that the two families had a cat and rat relationship, with the father of the deceased had allegedly raped the aunt of the ANC member years ago.

Picture Supplied: Maishe succumbed to a 13 – hour torture in the hands of his disabled mother.

Police investigations have thus far led to the arrest of five (05) suspects aged between 33 and 43, while two (2) are on the run.

“The police will be relentless and decisive when pursuing suspects who involve themselves in incidents of mob justice,” Limpopo Police Spokesperson Brigadier Mojapelo told Tzaneen Voice.

The suspects will appear before the Lenyenye Magistrate’s court on Monday, January 31 facing charges of murder.

In a media statement, ANC’s Velly Hlokwe Branch distanced itself from these acts of vigilantism and lawlessness.

“The branch leadership does not rule out a possibility that some of the alleged perpetrators may be ANC members in good standing, but the message should be clear that the ANC does not any programme of deploying comrades to take the law into their own, should it be found that ANC members are involved, they have acted in their personal capacity, ” the statement read.

Maishe Kgatle will be laid to rest on Saturday, January 29 at Tickyline Village, Ga-Malesa.


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