Thugs allegedly steal transformer and leaves Khebabane village in the dark


By Theodorah Waga Mawasha

KHEBABE VILLAGE-A power transformer that supplies electricity to the community of Khebabane village in Bolobedu, Greater Letaba was stolen.

It is reported that on Friday, August 12, around midnight, electricity went off abruptly in some households in the village. However, villagers did not suspect anything sinister because electricity usually goes off unexpectedly and abruptly.

According to a community member who did not wish to be mentioned, alleged that when the electricity was still off the next morning that is when they woke up and started to suspect that something was amiss.

“Electricity cut offs have never been a major issue in this area hence no ceiminal activity was suspected as the cause of the power outage. It was in the morning the next day when men in the village went to investigate and noticed that the transformer was gone. There were oil leaks on the ground and they decided to follow the trail”, she said.

The community followed the transformer oil leak and it led them to Moleketla village,

It is said the villagers followed the trail and it led them to Moleketla village, not far from where the transformer was stolen at a house that had no occupants.

“The house that the oil leakage trail led the men to was unfortunately vacant. We have reason to believe that, that is where the transformer ended up. We have been keeping an eye on the ins and outs and suspicious activity at the house but have not seen anything or anyone “, anonymous said.

Tzaneen police station officers were summoned to the scene to investigate. However, according to Sergeant Maurice Nkwashu, the station’s media liaison, said that no case been opened to investigate the theft.

Police are calling anyone who might have any information regarding the stolen transformer to come forward or alert the nearest police.

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