Three hitchhikers robbed of belongings in Haernetsburg


By Theodorah waga Mawasha

TZANEEN-Due to economic challenges, many people have resorted to hitch-hiking which most often than not has proven to be dangerous for both motorists offering lifts to strangers and hitch-hikers.

A man from Pharare and two women from Kgapane and Tickyline recently fell victim to a hitch-hiking scam on Friday, October 07.

According to one of the victims who spoke to Tzaneen Voice anonymously, they were given a lift by two giant men driving a white Polo vivo at a hiking spot in Polokwane destined to Tzaneen. Anonymous reports that along the way, the two men turned against them.

“I was with two ladies when the polo driver sympathized with us and gave us a lift. However, when we approached Haenertsburg, the passenger guy signalled to the driver to stop because he wanted to respond to the call of nature. I was sitting behind the passenger and I too went out to pee”, anonymous relayed.

“As soon as I got out of the car the driver followed suit. As I stepped back into the car, they took out guns and ordered all of us out. They led us into the bushes and tied us with ropes while one lady was tied with shoe laces. They took our money and cell phones and left us in the secluded area unharmed. After the ordeal, we managed to crawl back to side of the road”, anonymous said.

The victims said that they were rescued by a taxi from Tzaneen and were transported back to safety.

No case was opened by the victims as they still fear for their lives.

The police appeal to the masses to refrain from hitch-hiking and to use formal mode of transport to avoid such unfortunate occurrences.

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