Thobela FM collaborates with Bomma Sneaker to strengthen its connection to the local culture and identity


By Staff Reporter

POLOKWANE – The South African Broadcasting Corporation’s Limpopo-based radio station Thobela FM, introduced an exciting collaboration with Bomma Sneakers to launch a limited edition Thobela Bomma sneaker inspired by Thobela FM branding.

According to Limpopo Combo Business Manager Madikana Matjila, the collaboration with Bomma grants an opportunity for the Thobela brand to reach target audiences and an opportunity to tap into new markets and strengthen a connection to the local culture and identity.

Thobela Fm officially launching Bomma sneaker on the 9th September at Meropa Casino


“The collaboration between Thobela FM and Bomma Sneakers will result in mutually beneficial outcomes like brand exposure, target marketing, cross-promotion, brand extension cultural connection with listeners at large”

“The partnership is also part of our strategy of embracing public-private partnerships for the growth of local businesses”

The station that boosts over 2 million listenership says through this partnership, Thobela FM will be able to produce over 1500 sneakers for this year most of which will sound on the ground at the Thobela FM Gospel festival.

Since the unveiling of the sneaker design on Saturday (9 September 2023), the station has sold several sneakers already and has seen over 700K post impressions across its social media platforms and a reach of 564 054 just on the day of the launch, which is a clear indication of the love and appreciation of the brand and partnership.

“We are proud as Thobela FM to launch a sneaker that resonates with our listeners”

“We saw it befitting to adopt the #ThobelaBomma in honour of women for the role they play in our society”

We have over the past years seen growth in the youth and female audience and having a product that speaks to the two brands will position the station across the broadcast and lifestyle markets.

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