Theology Graduates reaching audiences through YouTube

By Kabelo Abel Mokgalabone 
Nazarene Theological College graduates, Pastor Oupa Ramalekana(28), and Makabongwe Vena(26) have started a YouTube channel that allows ordinary citizens to interact with them regarding issues that affect society.
In an exclusive interview with Tzaneen Voice, the duo explained the reasons behind establishing a channel that seeks to deal with societal issues.
“As young pastors, dealing with relationships forms a huge part of our ministry in recent days, particularly romantic relationships,” said Ramalekana.
“We also acknowledge that we are living in the media dispensation era, where many voices are speaking into the subject of relationships. Therefore, the purpose of the channel is to add our voice into this very sensitive, yet important subject within the Christian context,” he adds.
Asked about the topics that they discuss and their purposes, Makabongwe had this to say :
” Our topics include but are not limited to dating, marriage, children, and sex. We discuss these subjects authentically, but with a lot of humor. Our purpose is to use our experiences and the experience of our guests to offer guidance to youth and young adults about romantic relationships.”
However, there’s no doubt that relationships get messy and end up failing. “We want to create a platform where we help each other as a community, laugh together about the experience and grow as we pursue a lifetime relationship with significant other,” he explains.
According to the man of God, this channel is not only about them, but also those who engage them as their content is determined by what the community presents as challenges, questions, and concerns.
The Pastors also spoke about the challenges that they encounter daily
” Since we do not have sponsors, we incur weekly transportation costs for coming together and record. Traveling costs to meet our guests.
We are also trying to upgrade our equipment such as lights, second camera, and microphones,” he says.
Meanwhile, It is always challenging to address different cultures and their fractures. Many topics such as dating and sex are barely discussed within the African context. It’s even so in the church. Therefore some perceive us to be rebels or less holy young pastors. It’s been challenging thus far to find men who are willing to have these kinds of conversations with us. Women have been generous!
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