The upgrading, from gravel to bituminous (tarred) surface, of road D15 phase is 81.07% complete.


SEKGOSESE– The contractor is preparing for surfacing (to start soon) on this 8.7km stretch of road, of which priming is at 97% completion. The project starts at D15, Soekmekaar towards Sekgosese.

The base has commenced on road D3232, which passes through the villages of Sekgosese and Thakgalane no 1 & 2. This 15.133km stretch of the project, which is also upgraded, from gravel to the bituminous (tarred) surface, is 60.20% complete.

Progress on the upgrading, from gravel to the bituminous (tarred) surface, of road D3150, is at 37.11%. Road D3150 is an 8.367km stretch that transverses the village of Itielane ending at Tshabelane village.

The construction on this RAL multi-year project, which started in September 2017, has gained momentum and the overall progress is almost 60% complete and is on track for its estimated time of completion of February 2021 (46 months

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