The newly renovated Hlokomela Junction clinic officially opened in Letsitele


By Mpho Modiba

LETSITELE-The newly renovated Hlokomela Junction Clinic at Letsitele was officially opened on Monday.

The Hlokomela clinics are known for their excellent service to local communities and the Letsitele community now has access to quality medical care.

Mahela Group has renovated the facility into a beautiful modern clinic.

“It has been a privilege to be involved in this project. We believe that the facilities will make a tremendous difference in the lives of many people in our community,” says Pieter Vorster, Director at Mahela Group.

The clinic will bring much-needed healthcare services and residents will no longer have to travel long distances to get medical treatment.

A medical Practitioner will be available at the clinic on certain days of the week and the clinic will make use of the “Digital Health” application that makes it possible to link with medical specialists in various fields.

The qualified nurse at the clinic will examine the patient with Digital Health and the specialist will be able to assess in real-time and can make a diagnosis.

Efforts like these to offer affordable quality healthcare to people in the rural areas of Limpopo should be encouraged, especially due to the deplorable state of the public healthcare facilities in the province.

Many of Limpopo’s facilities face constant challenges such as staff, water, ambulance and medication shortages, dilapidated infrastructure and insufficient medical equipment

The Junction clinic will open from Monday – Friday, from 07:00 to 16:00 and is a testament to what can be achieved by a spirit of community and humanity within the province.

The DA in Limpopo congratulates Hlokomela and its founder, Christine du Preez, on the official opening of the Hlokomela Junction Clinic at Letsitele, in the Mopani district.

This clinic came into existence through the efforts of many stakeholders such as the Discovery Fund, the Mahela group for renovating the facility into a clinic, and all farmers, workers and other stakeholders that made contributions.

We recognise the immense contribution of Christine du Preez and the Hlokomela clinics in ensuring good affordable health services in our rural communities.

For more info on how to access services at this facility, please contact Sr Laverne Stebbing at

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