The Neglected Kgapane Stadium Has Become A Crime Hotspot


By Theodorah Mawasha

GA-KGAPANE- The residents of Kgapane under the Greater Letaba Municipality are concerned about the escalating number of criminal activities that occur at the seemingly neglected Kgapane stadium.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, many activities were suspended and the stadium gates were locked, but that did not stop people from gaining entry through other means.

NO ENTRY: Grass growing at the stadium entrance
According to parents in the area, their children now use the sporting facility as a breeding ground to get up to mischief. “Our children don’t go to school, they hide there during the day and smoke. We see cars parked there late in the evenings for hours on end. We fear for our safety” said one of the parents, Lydia Mailula.

Athletes can be spotted doing their routine exercises from time to time. However, the equipment that has been deployed at the field is covered in weed, the drainage is blocked which makes it impossible to access the gym equipment.

Mpho Maake one of the trainees who use to exercise on the machines every morning has stopped going to the stadium altogether because the environment is not conducive. “I am frustrated with the government. The project to revamp the stadium is halted. There is a building material that has been sitting here for years untouched. Young children are starting to hide here doing God knows what. Cigarette and weed smoke can be inhaled from a mile indicating these children are up to no good.” he explained.

The communications officer of Greater Letaba Municipality, Lovers Maenetja denied the stadium’s project being on hold.
“Kgapane stadium is not abandoned. That is a multi-year project, meaning it is done in phases hence the long time. It will be given attention,” she mentioned.

Meanwhile, the concerned parents want the Municipality to at least cut off the long grass growing there due to heavy rains and organize workmanship to clean the surrounding area as a safety measure. They fear that soon they will be mugged and robbed of their belongings.

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