The Most Fattening Food: Guide to balanced Diet


By Theodorah Waga Mawasha

TZANEEN-Many factors play a role in weight management including your diet. Certain foods are more likely to weight gain than others, such as processed foods that are high in calories, fat, added sugar and salt.

Fries, Pizza, cookies, doughnuts and ice cream are occasional and popular choice of treats, particularly when eating out and are high in fat and salt which increase the risk of overeating. These factors can contribute to weight gain and ultimately harm your health.

Processed meats have also been linked to obesity and high risk of disease and certain types of cancer. Instead of frying potatoes you can boil them.

For breakfast choose minimally processed whole grain ingredients like oats or wheat bran. Coffee is best taken with sweetener instead of sugar.

It is important to read food labels carefully when purchasing processed foods. Aim to reduce your portion sizes and enjoy food in moderation.

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