Thabina Motorists Opt to use Gravel Road

GA-MOGOBOYA – Greater Tzaneen Municipality ward 33 councillors Sophy Raganya expressed her disappointment over the badly damaged Thabina road.
The 12.5 km road that connects between Lenyenye and Ga-Mogoboya has dangerous potholes that prompted motorists to use gravel road.
We have done everything possible to raise our frustrations with the municipality and ward councillor but everything fell on deaf ears, one taxi driver said
“Even though is dangerous for kids who are playing in the village but we opted to use  gravel road because is much better than driving on the potholes.”
According to the ward 33 Councillor Raganya, the badly damaged  Thabina road has been on the priority list of the office of the MEC of Public Works, Road and Infrastructure for some time now.
“We have been knocking on the MEC’s door but nothing is coming out of our efforts” Said Cllr Raganya
The ward councillor stated that she requested the municipality (GTM) to avail their grader for them to fill the badly damaged areas such as Ga-Mmaphala and BathlabineTribal Authority offices and other roads in our award but we are still waiting for their response” she said.
“We are appealing to our colleagues at the GTM to avail their resources for us to temporarily fix the road while we waiting for the province to appoint the construction company”
The cllr also pointed out that the people must understand that road is the responsibility of the province, not the local municipality.
“A ward councillor is not responsible for the delivery of basic services like the supply of water or electricity, or for fixing potholes. Their responsibility is to represent the concerns of their ward in council so the relevant parties can present solutions” she mentioned
Motorist Samuel Phalane, who travels to Tzaneen on daily basis said that the situation has become dangerous because motorists have lost hope in the authorities because of their empty promises.
“If we drive on the gravel road, where must the children play?” he asked.
Phalane says, on several occasions, he has witnessed motorists arguing about who should go first because there isn’t enough space for two cars to pass at the same time.
“This is bad for our cars too. Our tyres and shocks are getting worn out.”

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