Teenage Girls are Selling their bodies in Exchange of Booze in Bolobedu


By Staff Reporter

MPEPULE VILLAGE- A huge and horrifying news reports coming from some part of Bolobedu is that increasing numbers of teenagers are turning to sex work in exchange for booze.

This shocking development is taking place at Mpepule, Jokoni and Xamfana villages.

Some teens as young as 16 openly admit to prostituting themselves to “sugar daddies” for cash.

The heart-breaking revelation follows a Tzaneen Voice investigation into the rise of underage drinking in Bolobedu.

Some girls confess that they turn to dirty old men and construction workers who buy them alcohol in exchange for sex – because they cannot get money from their cash-strapped parents.

A concerned resident tipped Tzaneen voice and wish the authorities can act quickly to prevent it.

“I can say the girls are still in school doing grade 9-10, they sell their body without a reason, they just say they need money to buy alcohol and soft life” he said

“These girls are learners of the local high school and everyone knows that here” he added

It is alleged that some local Tarven owners knows about this but they are not doing anything because is an attraction for their business.

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