Stew GP dreams of owning his own Art Gallery and create employment

Stew GP dreams of owning his own Art Gallery and create employment


By Tsakani Mathebula

NKOWANKOWA- It goes without saying that talent is something worth nourishing and exploring to its greatest heights.

Bongani Ndlovu known as Stew GP (28) from Nkowankowa says lately he can’t stop himself from drawing day and night. Using nothing more than his talent and passion, he makes a living from his drawings and sometimes travels to showcase his talent.

Ndlovu says his first drawing was of Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon in 2001.

Stew GP dreams of owning his own Art Gallery and create employment
“I enjoyed watching cartoons so much that after watching I would take my pencil and paper and start drawing,” he said.

By the age of 14, he lost his mother and he explained that there was a void that neither earthly wisdom nor a human being could fill in his life.

“I felt so empty in my heart, but when I sat down and started to draw a portrait of my late mother, I felt a peace of mind that I had never felt before in my life,” Ndlovu explained.

In 2007 he made a portrait of his high school principal, that’s when his talent was recognized.

Furthermore, he took a break from drawing and ventured into being a Disc Jockey (DJ) for five years. He worked in various printing companies such as Blue Dot.

In 2019 Ndlovu mentioned that he lost lots of friends and that brought so much pain.

“I did a self-introspection to discover myself, and then I started making portraits of my late friends,” he explained.

Stew GP dreams of owning his own Art Gallery and create employment
Even though he has never studied art, the portrait artist said he started taking his talent seriously and to another level during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

“After the passing away of Somizi Mhlongo’s mother, Marry Twala, I made a portrait of her and posted it on Facebook, luckily Somizi saw it and he contacted me, we met, he admired and acknowledged my work, that’s when I gained momentum,” Ndlovu explained.

He said the feedback and smiles from his happy customers motivated him meanwhile his love and passion for drawing developed even more. He says to produce the best, drawing requires dedication and creativity.

“I use colour pencils and acrylic paint to do the drawings,” he mentioned.

He aspires to be known across the world and hopes to own his own art gallery one day and he would aspire to sell his work worldwide and being recognized, valued, and respected for his work.

“I also want to start art classes for young people who cannot afford to go to art school. It’s my dream that I may also be recognized as a young black person from a village and that I can be something in the art world,” he concluded.

Ndlovu pleads with anyone who can assist him in getting full equipment and a laptop to start an art workshop which will also help in job creation.

His latest drawings include a portrait of MEC for Social Development Nkakareng Rakgoale and Limpopo MEC for sports, arts, and culture, Thandi Moraka.

For any inquiries on his art go to his Facebook page: Stew GP

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