Stellenbosch University Expels Theuns du Toit over urinating incident


POLOKWANE – Stellenbosch University student Theuns du Toit has been found guilty of contravening clauses of the disciplinary code for students.

This follows his suspension that stemmed from a video where he urinated on the belongings of a fellow black student, Babalo Ndwayana.

The institution, which has made its final determination on the matter, said on Thursday Du Toit was also found guilty of contravening the institution’s amended residence rules.

“On 21 July 2022, the independent Central Disciplinary Committee (DCD) found Du Toit guilty of contravening clauses of the university’s disciplinary code for students. These findings led the CDC to conclude that there is no alternative but to expel Du Toit with immediate effect from the university.

Theuns de Toid urinating on Babalo Ndwayana”s books

He was suspended earlier this year after a video on social media showed him urinating on Ndwayana’s desk.

The university’s deputy vice-chancellor Professor Deresh Ramjugernath said due process had thoroughly been adhered to.

“The university viewed this case in a very serious light. This was evident in, amongst others, the original temporary suspension of Du Toit from the university while also appointing Justice Sisi Khampepe to lead an independent commission of enquiry into alleged racism at the institution. The university takes a zero-tolerance approach to racism, discrimination, prejudice and conduct – which assails the dignity of another person. University management took note of the sanction imposed and will be studying the details of the CDC’s finding.”

Du Toit has five workdays to file a notice of appeal.


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