Skeletons Found at Leolo Village Mountain Suspected to Be Missing Pensioner


By Staff Reporter

LEOLO, GA-MOGOBOYA– In a tragic discovery, skeletons found on a nearby mountain are suspected to belong to Selina Mogoboya, a pensioner from Leolo village in Greater Tzaneen, who has been missing since March 18.

Mogoboya, who left home early that Monday to collect firewood, never returned, sparking an extensive search by her family and local authorities. “We looked for her everywhere and have also opened a case of a missing person,” her relatives stated.

Despite their efforts, which included police searches with sniffing dogs, no trace of Mogoboya was found until recently.

On Friday, June 14, a resident discovered skeletons on the mountain and immediately alerted the community. It is reported that Shoes, doek, earings and a cane knife were found on the scene which Mogoboya’s granddaughter identified as belonging to her missing grandmother.

The police have taken samples from the skeletons to conduct DNA tests and confirm whether they are indeed those of Selina Mogoboya. The family and community await these results with heavy hearts, hoping for closure in this deeply sorrowful situation.

Mogoboya’s disappearance had left the village in a state of distress, with residents banding together to support the family and assist in the search efforts. The discovery, though grim, has brought a measure of solace to those who have been searching tirelessly for answers.

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