Skeletal remains of man missing since July found near graveyard in Giyani


By Agreement Mabunda

GIYANI-The police in Giyani have opened a case of inquest following  a gruesome discovery of human remaining (bones) in the nearby graveyard of Basani village on Tuesday 19 September 2023

The police were summoned to the scene of the crime by the community members who made the gruesome discovery of human bones that were scattered at a short distance from a graveyard.

Upon the police’s arrival, they found bones with a human skull, and hair. They continued to look around and discovered a firearm (Parabellum), three magazines with 05  life ammunition and 06 empty cartridges next to security company jackets.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the remaining human belongings belong to Mr Makungu Redolf Ngobeni who was reported missing on  Wednesday 12 July 2023 after he was involved in the accident on road number R81 towards Nwamankena village

It is further alleged that after he was involved in the accident with a security company car, he then called his younger sister and father to inform them that they wouldn’t see him again. His remains were identified by his family through the jacket that was found with a bones and cellphone, The security company also confirmed that the firearm that was found at the scene was issued to him.

A  DNA will be conducted to determine if  the human bones match with description of the person given to the police

The scene of the crime was attended by all stakeholders including Giyani branch commander Colonel Phage.

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