Shock as pen­sioner, 75, com­mits sui­cide in Ga-Sekororo


By Staff Reporter

GA-SEKORORO-Residents of Lorraine Village Ga Sekororo, Maruleng Municipality in ward 12.

were on Thursday, October 19 shocked after a  pensioner’s body was found hanging in the house.

When the family made the gruesome discovery, the body of 75-year-old man was dangling from the roof of his house with a rope tied to his neck.

According to one familybmember, the deceased was found hanging with a rope at his parent’s house and the circumstances surrounding the incident are not known at this stage.

Police and emergency services were called out to the residence this morning.

On arrival, the man was found hanging in one of the rooms. He showed no signs of life and was declared deceased.

The pensioner was identified as Koko Sekgobela.

The motive for suicide has not been established at this stage.

A note was found at the scene, but its contents have not been released by the police.

The police confirmed that an inquest was opened and they were still investigating.


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