Sewage spilling at Mthombeni household as Greater Tzaneen municipality turn blind eye


By Theodorah Waga Mawasha

NKOWANKOWA-Reckson Mthombeni from Section C, Nkowankowa, Greater Tzaneen, is plagued by spilling sewage in his yard. Mthombeni said that they Cover their noses when they eat, leap over smelly streams of sewage flowing from pipes and keep windows closed at all times due to the leaking sewage.

Speaking to Tzaneen Voice, Mthombeni voiced his frustration and said that the matter was reported to local councillors and the municipality, however, no intervention has been forthcoming.

“We have had this problem for over a week now. The local councillor came to assess the problem but is now missing in action and ignores my calls. Hence, we have resorted to involving the media. We hope that they will get the message and give this problem the urgency it requires “, Mthombeni said.

According to his wife Hellen Mnisi, their expenses have doubled since the problem started because eating at home is unbearable.

“We eat out a lot since the problem began because eating at home is unfavourable. The sewage is making an unpleasant odour. What is even more frustrating is being sent from pillar to post when you seek help”, she said.

Tzaneen voice contacted Ward 21 councillor Collen Mathevula who confirmed the matter was indeed reported to him and a call logged.

“I have logged a call to have the relevant people attend to the problem. A honey sucker will be available to assist the family as soon as possible “, Cllr Mathevula stated.

The call was logged on Monday July 11, however, the sewage has not been fixed hitherto.

Correspondence was sent to Greater Tzaneen Municipality but no comment was received.

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