Sewage Pipe Burst Huge Headache for Tzaneen Street Vendors


By Kabelo Abel Mokgalabone

TZANEEN- The sewage burst at Tzaneen town is making life difficult for street vendors to operate as they are faced with an unpleasant smell daily.

The sewage burst on Wednesday, November 11 and to this day, it has not been attended to.

This has affected not only the street vendors but it has a negative impact on the health of the people around the area.

One street vendor, Merriam Maenetja has complained about the smell of the burst sewage, citing that she loses customers due to the situation.

“My business is suffering and I understand because our working conditions aren’t conducive,” said Merriam.

Maria Shipalana, another street vendor who sells close to where the sewage burst, blames the Greater Tzaneen Municipality for their unpleasant working conditions.

“This problem was created by the municipal workers during their protest last week. They came with sand and put in the pipes and now the sand has blocked everything, ” said Shipalana.

Another complainant Elisa Selowa, whose business is also suffering and didn’t make it to work for two days, said the situation affected their health as well.

“I just had to come to work because my family relies on me as I am a breadwinner,” Selowa explained.

Biana Christopher informed Tzaneen Voice that he feels as if the Municipality doesn’t care about them. Waste has been coming out for over a week and nothing has been done.

Attempts to get a comment from the GTM spokesperson were unsuccessful as his cellphone was switched off.

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