September marks childhood Cancer awareness month

September marks childhood Cancer awareness month


The South African Cancer Study Group statistics ( SACSG) says the five most common childhood cancers in SA are:

1) Leukaemia ( cancer of the blood)
2) Lymphoma ( tumors that begin in the lymph glands)
3) Brain tumors
4) Nephroblastoma ( cancer of kidney)
5) soft tissue sarcoma ( connective tissue)
According to SAMJ the overall survival rates for children in SA at 52.1% is lower than data published from developed countries at 80%, because many children presented with advanced disease.

Greater awareness of the warning signs of childhood cancer can encourage earlier diagnosis and lead to improved outcomes for all ethnic groups.

The Saint SILUAN warning signs of cancer are:

1) S- Seek medical help early for persistent symptoms

2) I – Eye: white spot in the eye, new squint, new blindness, bulging eyeball
3) L- Lump: Abdomen and pelvis, head and neck, limbs, testes, glands
4) U- Unexplained- prolonged fever >2 weeks, loss of weight, pallor, fatigue, easy bruisingor bleeding
5) A- Aching: Bones, joints, back and easy fractures
6) N- Neurological signs: change or deterioration in walk, balance or speech, regression of milestones, headache for more than a week with or without vomiting, enlarging head

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