Selwane residents welcome community hall and donation from Elebone Multi-Purpose

Selwane residents welcome community hall and donation from Elebone Multi-Purpose


By Tsakani Mathebula

SELWANE- The most remarkable achievements happen when people join hands, with a shared vision and the will to make a difference. This is what happened when Elebone Multipurpose officially handover community projects, the ceremony took place at Selwane village on September 11.

Selwane residents welcome community hall and donation from Elebone Multi-PurposeElebone handed over, security gates at Mokhoanana and Dinoning cemeteries, toilets at Makikele High School, Selwane community hall, Personal Protective Equipments at Mahale, and Selwane clinics, and every Primary and High school in Selwane received PPE.

Elebone Multi-Purpose was awarded a tender to build the Selwane community hall. A Good Samaritan, Shadrack Monareng, the founder and owner of the company decided to go beyond his given tasks. He gave back to the community, as part of social responsibilities they took a call to save the community by donating PPE, flushing toilets, and two security gates. This good gesture came after they saw a need in the community.

Monareng encouraged the educators at Makikele High School to monitor learners when using the toilets and to always keep it in good condition. “The other principals from various schools can observe and comment on the ablution, if you like them we might implement it in other schools as well,” he said.

The school’s principal, Pulane Mahasha expressed her gratitude. “I thank Elebone for what they have done to the school. Now we can concentrate on education and be rest assured that hygiene will be better now. We thank you for your support and love,” she said.
Meanwhile, Monareng mentioned that there was no security at the graveyards; animals such as cows would go in and out as they pleased. “At least now with the security gates, the graveyards will be safe. The key will be easily accessible for those who want to go to the graveyard,” he added.

The community members were overwhelmed with joy and expressed their heartfelt gratitude by singing, dancing, and ululating.

Furthermore, Musa Sibanda gave words of support during the handover ceremony. “I take pride in what my former learners are doing, giving back to the community. I taught them organizational skills and I see them practicing them. This is only the beginning, hoping to see more,” Sibanda said.

Selwane residents welcome community hall and donation from Elebone Multi-PurposeLabana Malatji of Leolo Community Trust said the building will open doors for many people.

“We are always here for support and we are happy with the whole project, we urge the community members to take care of it,” said Malatji.

Kagiso Ramoshaba of Khashane Tigers, one of the soccer team mentored by Elebone, handed over a certificate and two t-shirts for Sheila and Shadrack Monareng as a token of appreciation. Monareng thanked all the attendees, friends, and stakeholders. “We met lots of challenges during the construction of the project but we thank God for successfully completing it,” said Monareng. He further mentioned that he was trusted with the project and he made sure that he delivers accordingly.

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