Sekgosese residents hunt down suspect allegedly terrorizing the community and hand him over to the police unharmed


By Theodorah waga Mmawasha

SEKGOSESE- A man who has been terrorizing the community of Senwamokgope village, in Sekgosese, Greater Letaba, was traced, arrested and handed over to Sekgosese police station on Thursday afternoon.

The community went on a rampage rioting over the increase in crime and the alleged attack on a family where a woman was almost sexually violated in the week.

Reports indicate that a suspect was hunted down by the residents after he was pointed out as the prime suspect for the crimes and terrorism that have been happening in the area for quite some time and apprehended.

According to a resident, during his crime-committing spree, the suspect broke into houses brandishing a firearm, demanded cellphones, and cash and subsequently sexually violated some of his victims. Thus, the community mobilized this morning to bring him to book.

“We have had enough of crime. We know the people who commit these crimes because they live amongst us. We will deal with them accordingly”, a resident said.

As it stands, the suspect has been handed over to police at Sekgosese police station.

In light of this, some community members have gathered outside demanding to see him.


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