School suspend lessons after mysterious mass collapse of learners in Lenyenye


By Staff Reporter

LENYENYE-Schooling was disrupted at Phusela High School in Lenyenye after several learners collapsed following the announcement of the death of a learner.

The learner grade 10 learner from Kuwait has allegedly committed suicide on Wednesday.

According to an eye witness the incident started about 8am when one learner collapsed immediately after the announcement. A few minutes later others also collapsed and dropping unconscious while others were seen kicking and screaming.

The school swiftly responded to this incident and parents were immediately alerted and several learners were being sent home for displaying adverse symptoms.

“This is not the first time this kind of incident happened in Limpopo school and mysteriously only girl learners are affected by this” One parent said.

The ordeal forced the school to prematurely suspend its lessons for the day as Police and emergency personnel were called to the scene.

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