SCG Production Terminated Contractual Agreement With Lil Meri Over His alleged Nyaope Addiction

BOLOBEDU– In January this year SCG production signed an artist management contract agreement with bolobedu local singer Lil Meri to handle his bookings, branding, sponsorship and marketing. Lil Meri released several songs under the management of SCG production.
The SCG production announced through a media statement, its decision to terminate the contractual agreement with “Ngwana wa motho” hit maker with immediate effect amicably.
The manager of SCG production refused to comment on what made his company to terminate the contractual agreement with Lil meri. ” I am not willing to give more details on what led to us terminating the contract with the boy, for the sake of protecting the guy’s reputation ” he said.
It is alleged that Lil Meri refused to perform at the Sepedi Music Awards (SEMA) which were held in Polokwane at Jack Botes hall on December 18, when he was lined up and his behaviour angered his management. His refusal led to an emotional  conflict with his manager and then left the awards venue to his home town Tzaneen. The source close to the singer said.
The amadamara singer has been surrounded by lot of controversy lately, earlier this month he was part of the 7 suspects who were arrested at Tzaneen bus rank for public drinking. Several sources around him, further informed Tzaneen Voice that the singer has lately developed a serious addiction of Nyaope and is destroying his future. His addiction towards Nyaope might have been the major contributor to the behavior he displayed at the SEMAs.
Many of his supporters including ckthedj, Kwenisto, Omme Ottis shown moral support to him through Facebook posts.
” let’s come together and help our little brother and not judge him. Let us try to help him to get out from the situation his in ,the boy is a start” ckthedj said.
Kwenisto of Limpopo Tv also shown a support to him and cautioned him against bad friends such as Director and further advised him to go back to General Manizo of Bad Company, because he won’t make him to smoke Nyaope.

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