SASOL is Hiring

SASOL Vacancies:
1. Learner x14
2. SHE RFA Biokineticist Specialist
3. SHE Princ Practitioner Occ Health Nurse
4. SHE Princ Specialist Occ Health Med Prac
5. Project Engineer (FULCO)
6. Team Lead: Maintenance Planning
7. ConMon Specialist (FULCO)
8. Integration Administrator FULCO
9. Shift and Logistics Coordinator (FULCO)
10. Mine Overseer (Shift Superintendent) (Fulco)
11. Chief Foreman (Stoneworks) (FULCO)
12. Chief Foreman (Stoneworks) (FULCO)
13. SHE Safety Officer (FULCO)
14. SHE Principle Practitioner Environmental (FULCO)
15. LEAD Operator Control Room FULCO
16. Artisan: Boilermaker FULCO
17. SHE Ventilation Specialist FULCO
18. Senior Manager Engineering FULCO
19. SHE Ventilation Recorder FULCO
20. SHE Principal Ventilation Officer FULCO
21. Artisan/Snr Artisan: Electrician FULCO
22. Section Engineer (FULCO)
23. Mine Overseer (Belts) (FULCO)
24. Mine Manager
25. Digital Mechanician (Fulco)
26. Miner / Senior Miner
27. Digital Technician (Fulco)
28. Artisan: Diesel Mechanic (FULCO)
29. Chief Foreman (Production) FULCO
30. Operator: Tractor FULCO
31. Operator: Maintenance FULCO
32. Licensed Machine Operator FULCO
33. Artisan / Snr Artisan: Electro Mechanic/Millwright x 10 (Fulco)
34. Shiftboss Production (Fulco)
35. Foreman Production (Fulco)
36. Digital Chief Technician (Fulco)

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