Residents of Madeira Village Blockade D21 Road in Protest Against Nepotism and Unfair Labour Recruitment


By Staff Reporter

MADEIRA VILLAGE-Residents of Madeira Village in Ward 10 have blockaded the D21 road in a community protest against alleged nepotism and unfair labor recruitment practices.

The protest erupted following accusations that the local contractor, who needed to hire 30 laborers, only hired 19 from the community, while the remaining workers seemed to have been selected through favoritism.

Community members are specifically accusing the ward councilor of prioritizing his own associates for the jobs.

The situation escalated to the point where, on Monday, the Mayor of Maruleng Local Municipality, Councillor Tsheko Musolwa, had to intervene to address the grievances. However, it appears that the resolution reached during the intervention has not been implemented, leading to renewed unrest.

While the ward councilor has not yet publicly responded to the allegations, the community is calling for immediate action to ensure that the recruitment process is conducted fairly.

The situation in Madeira Village remains tense as residents continue their protest against what they perceive as unfair labor practices.

Motorists are urged to remain vigilant and avoid the affected area if possible.

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