Residents at Mopje Village Shares Water with Animals


BY Thabo Monyela

MOPJE VILLAGE- Over 200 residents of Mopje and khebabane in Bolobedu South are drinking dirty, smelly water with animals from the local wellspring. Even after 27 years of the advent of democracy.

Most of the far-flung villages in Mopani District are left ravaged by contaminated water and inadequate water supply while there are several abandoned non-functional boreholes with removed water pipes.

According to Mopje villagers, when it rains heavily, the rain deposits the unhygienic used materials such as diapers and decayed stuff accumulated in the streets to their water source.

it is claimed that the exposed wellspring is a playground for animals such as monkeys, dogs, cows, and goats.

“We are drinking water from the same source with animals and we try by all means to guard against that but sometimes we fail, especially during the nights.

We are continuously neglected because the water tankers don’t reach to this side of Mopje” the aggrieved resident said.

Mopje Residents fetch water from the fountain

It is alleged that the contaminated water result in sporadic outbreaks of acute diarrhea in children.

“We have witnessed several cases of cholera and diarrhea towards the children because of this water” one villager mentioned.

Mopje village is part of the villages that have boreholes and reservoirs but the residents are still dreaming of access to clean water.

Mopani District Municipality spokesperson Odas Ngobeni said the municipality is disappointed to learn of this from the media instead of the municipality’s borehole operators.

“We have in the meantime sent a water tanker to the aggrieved village along with a team to check on the functionality of the boreholes. We should be able to step in and quickly fix the boreholes that may need to be fixed.

The community should under normal circumstances be supplied from the Thapane Water Scheme, but not the entire village is directly benefiting because of the many illegal connections on the rising main” Ngobeni added.

MDM spokesperson told the publication that the municipality will attend to the matter with the urgency it deserves.

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