Previously Bullied Learner Turned Her Skin Problem Ordeal into A successful Business.


By Theodorah Mawasha

MADUMELENG VILLAGE– Many experts attest that maintaining a healthy skincare routine will help in making the skin glow, beautiful, and looking young.

A 27-year-old, Mamaswa Selematsela from Madumeleng village, in the Greater Letaba Municipality, has made emerged victorious in the beauty industry.

She is the founder and owner of Keeks Skincare Products. Selematsela reflected on how she was bullied when growing up, she said she was called names such as “peanut face” because of the acne she had on her face. The bullying made her lack confidence and that resulted in low self-esteem.

The young woman stated that she was an active participant in extra-mural activities during her school years and her opponents would use her skin problem as a way to shift her focus.

“I was a competitive student who was often afforded the platform to speak publicly during debates and poetry sessions at school. I would be insulted because of my skin.” She said.

Selematsela further mentioned that she grew up changing skin products because she couldn’t find anything that solved the problem.

“This prompted me to explore avenues on YouTube where I started experimenting on how to manufacture skincare products that would work not only for me but other young women like me who were struggling to find a product that is cost-effective and suitable for their skin” She recollected.

Meanwhile, Selematsela registered for public relations course at the university, however, her mission to break into the beauty market remained a passion she pursued.

“One day I discovered that organic products and essential oils always work wonders when it comes to restoring tired skin. I birthed a skincare product that accommodates people of all ages,” she mentioned.

Keeks skincare products target acne, discolouration, uneven skin tone, and many other skin-related issues. It is well received particularly because it is black-owned. “My community’s support has been overwhelming. However, because our skin is different and other people may need an expert like a dermatologist to examine them first and recommend a product that is suitable for their skin tone, I often struggle to offer advice and that is my challenge” she concluded.

To order Keeks skincare products  visit her social media pages, Facebook: keeks skin solutions and on Instagram @kees_skin9

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