Police warn community to stop spreading rumours about the missing Teacher

Police warn community to stop spreading rumours about the missing Teacher


BOLOBEDU- The police in Bolobedu has issued a stern warning to the public about rumours circulating around the community of Ga-Boxa and neighboring villages regarding the disappearance of a teacher from Lerale Secondary School.

According to the rumour, she was found in a house in the village she resides, with two other women and was rescued by members of the community, which is found to be false information.

The station commander of Bolobedu police station, Colonel Serakwana reiterated and said

“We must be allowed space to do our job therefore people must refrain from taking matters into their own hands as this is against the law and it’s a criminal offense,” said Colonel Serakwana.

The 32-years-old teacher Dikeledi Karel Sebopetsa from Seopeng village went missing on Tuesday, September 22 on her way to work. It is alleged, that she never made it to work and hasn’t been home, or seen, since that fateful day.

According to her uncle, she called to request a lump sum of money which was transferred to her, but sadly, after receiving the money, her phone immediately went off and she has been reachable since. The family alerted the police and a search operation was then launched.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, a user by the name of Comrade Ngwako Elijah Kgatla in an open letter to the youth is mobilising the community to stand up and search for “sesi Dikeledi ” as she is affectionately known. “Let us be like the youth of 1976 who were radical in their actions and thinking. Let us take sticks and stones, go house to house and search for our beloved sister. Are we that ignorant that we will just let her suffer like this?” He wrote.

He further condemned the abuse of alcohol on days of commemorating fallen heroes like June 16 events to celebrate, but rather, advised that those events be a mark and a stepping stone to uplift their communities.

The police have mentioned that they will leave no stone unturned in their search and will bring Dikeledi home safe.

Anyone with information that can assist the police can contact Colonel Cecil Machimane on 0824517181 or alternatively call the SAPS toll free number 080010111

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