Police Searches for Suspect in Rape and Assault of Ex-Girlfriend in Lephepane


By Staff Reporter

LEPHEPANE: The community of Lephepane has mobilized in large numbers to search for a suspect accused of raping and assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

The incident has sparked outrage and a determined effort to apprehend the alleged perpetrator, who is believed to be hiding in the nearby bushes.

The suspect allegedly committed the violent act against his former partner, leaving her severely injured. The victim was taken to Lephepane Clinic, known as Lesedi, where medical staff noted significant injuries to her forehead and impaired speech.

Due to the severity of her condition, the clinic quickly arranged for an ambulance to transport her to the nearest hospital for further treatment.

In response to this heinous crime, the community of Lephepane has come together to search for the suspect. Local residents, driven by a sense of justice and protection for their community, are scouring the area to ensure the suspect is brought to justice.

“We believe he is hiding in the bushes, but we are determined to find and arrest him,” said one community member involved in the search efforts.

A case of rape and attempted murder has been opened with the Ritavi Police. Authorities are actively involved in the search and have urged the public to provide any information that might lead to the suspect’s arrest.

The brutality of the assault has galvanized the community and law enforcement to act swiftly. The unnamed woman from Khopho, who reported the incident, emphasized the need for justice and the importance of protecting vulnerable individuals from such violence.

Anyone with information about the suspects involved should contact Ritavi detective or crime stop number on 08600 10111 or the nearest police station or MySAPSApp.

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