Police rescue man from mob after found carrying lifeless body of his mother in a wheelbarrow at Mamaila village, outside Sekgosese.


By Agreement Mabunda

MAMAILA VILLAGE- Sekgosese Police arrested a 42-year-old male suspect for allegedly killing his mother and carrying her dead body in a wheelbarrow on Tuesday, 16 April 2024 at around 06:30, in Mamaila village.

According to the information received, the suspect’s neighbours heard him shouting and insulting his mother. He also called one of them to come and see what he was carrying in the wheelbarrow. Upon checking, it was discovered that he was carrying the lifeless body of his mother in a steel bath.

Community members mobilised themselves and immediately attacked the suspect.

The Police were notified about the incident. Upon arrival at the scene, they found the body of a woman wrapped in a blanket and put inside a steel bath. EMS personnel were summoned to the scene. The female victim was certified dead at the scene and identified as Mamaila Moloi Matele (69). A case of murder was opened.

The Police also managed to rescue the male victim from the hands of community members. The EMS personnel rushed him to the hospital. The suspect aged 42 was arrested for murder under Police guard.

Circumstances surrounding the murder are currently being investigated.

The Provincial Commissioner of Police in Limpopo, Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe has welcomed the arrest of the suspect and warned the community against vigilantism following the assault of the suspect.

The Provincial Commissioner has also called on community members to refrain from engaging in violence when faced with domestic challenges and to rather resolve issues amicably. “Any differences should be addressed within the confines of the law and not take the law into its own hands,” stressed Lieutenant General Thembi Hadebe.

He will appear before the Tiyani Magistrate’s Court soon

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