Police locate parent of a child found in Tzaneen CBD

By Xalati Avery Shingange
MUHLAVA VILLAGE – A family has been re-united with their missing two-year-old girl, Lebone, who was found wandering the street on Wednesday, 12 August in Tzaneen CBD.
This is after the Tzaneen police station alerted Tzaneen Voice to spread the word in search of her parents.
According to Tzaneen Police Station Spokesperson Sergeant Maurice Nkhwashu,
Lebone’s mother, Shennah Malatji from Muhlava village, rushed into the police station on the same day at around 17:00 pm after the story of her daughter was widely circulated on social media.
On the 12th August, Tzaneen CBD security officers stumbled across a two-year-old toddler, who was suspiciously wandering alone in town at around 12:00 pm in Tzaneen CBD near Boxer store.
The toddler was then rescued and immediately taken to Tzaneen police station. Sergeant Maurice Nkhwashu told Tzaneen’s voice that “People helped us by contacting the mother and she showed up at the police station later that day.”
“Parents need to be cautious at all times when it comes to walking around with their children in congested areas, this is to ensure the safety of their children”
“It is advisable to leave your child at home when going to run errands in town unless necessary. Tzaneen CBD is most likely to be packed and busy when SASSA grants are distributed”

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