Police deployed to monitor violent protests Capricorn Tvet College Senwabarwana campus


By Theodorah Waga Mawasha

SENWABARANA-Students at Capricorn College, Senwabarwana Campus, were reportedly shot at while others were arrested this morning, March 12.

This comes as the protest over NSFAS intensified and the student community went on a rampage.

Law enforcement were summoned to the campus by management and hell reportedly broke lose when they arrived.

A student avvered that they demand study material and the escalation by law enforcement to shoot and arrest students was uncalled for

“Some students have been arrested and some have been shot. They are in police custody as we speak without any medical attention or food. Why are the police being involved in the matter. The escalation is not necessary “, he said.

Order was subsequently restored, however, students vowed that the protest will continue in the days to come.


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