Plans To Commemorate The Disco Legend Peta Teanet With Music Festivals in Place


By Thabo Monyela

THAPANE VILLAGE- The 13th of July 2021 marked the 25th anniversary of the gruesome shooting of the legendary King of Shangaan Disco Music PetaTeanet, by a Policeman following a heated argument in a bar in Acornhoek, Bushbuckridge Mpumalanga.

The renowned Shangaan Disco monarch vocalist met his untimely death on 13, July 1996 a month after he turned 30, however, his legendary legacy continued to raise and inspire many talents across the country.

During his blossoming music career, Teanet worked with his friend Penny Penny, Joe Shirimane, and his younger brother Foster Teanet.

The venerated Shangaan Disco king had eight (8) wives and thirteen (13) children who were his backing vocalist on his music performance and currently, most of his children are continuing with the baton.

Divorce case album cover by Peta Teanet

The talented C Boy, Monica, and Ritchie Teanet are some of the children of the legendary Music icon Teanet who are currently rendering and reminding both the old and current generations of the legacy of the celebrated Shangaan vocalist.

Speaking to Tzaneen Voice, C Boy Teanet who was born few months after his father’s death told the publication that it is quite heavy to carry their father’s legacy because is bigger than them.

“A load of carrying our father’s legacy is very heavy because people out there want us to be similar to our late father,” C Boy Teanet said.

However, the versatile talented son of Teanet, added that him and his siblings are equal to the task to carry their father’s legacy running.

The award-winning Shangaan music vocalist Foster described his older brother as a true family leader and legend of music who continues to be a role model after 25 years of his untimely death.

Foster exclusively revealed to the publication that his late brother died on the 12 July instead of the 13 as it is officially known.

“I can categorically say my late brother died on the 12th of July towards midnight instead of the 13th” Foster added.

He further informed Tzaneen Voice that the family is planning annual Peta Teanet music festivals in both Limpopo and Mpumalanga.

According to the Teanet family, the first festival will be in Limpopo on the 16 June (birth-date) and another in Mpumalanga on either the 12 or 13 July in honour of the late icon.

The ardent Shangaan musician, songwriter, and record producer skyrocketed his music career through hits such as “Divorce case, Maxaka, and Saka Naye Jive and the black force.


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