Phusela High School Teacher’s passion and dedication lead to a 100% in Economics


By Agreement Mabunda

LENYENYE-Phusela High School teacher Modjadji Desiree Zwane was able to get all of her students through to the 2023 matriculation class with 100% proficiency in Economics.

“The year 2023 taught me to never underestimate the power of prayer. I always prayed for my learners and God did wonder for me, I obtained a 100% pass rate with 4 distinctions”. She proudly said

Teacher Zwane, who is proud of her success in the economics class of 2023, states that it took her ten years to acquire a 100% pass rate and that she wouldn’t have succeeded if it weren’t for God, her tactics, and her abilities.

She was raised in a stable atmosphere in the little community of Mogapeng, but she spent her formative years in Johannesburg for seventeen years before going back to her hometown.

She says that although she was a hard worker who consistently did her homework and classwork to the best of her abilities, she was a very quiet, shy little girl who rarely talked in class.

“I had loving and caring high school teachers who understood my background and therefore made learning easy for me”, says Zwane.

When questioned, Zwane mentioned her three teachers as the ones who inspired her to pursue a career in teaching. She mentioned her computer application teacher, Mrs. Du Touit, who helped her when she needed a textbook but couldn’t afford it. The second person is Mrs. Curtus, the maths teacher who would skip her lunch break to explain concepts to her that she struggled to understand in class; the third person is Mrs. Biddlecomb, the English teacher who enabled her to go to the matric dance.

She continued by saying that the three teachers who volunteered their time to assist her had shown her that they were teachers for the right reasons—to improve the lives of their students.

“My teachers were dedicated, hardworking and selfless individuals who loved what they did. Therefore I learned from them to be a hard worker and give selfless service to my learners”, said Zwane.

Since her mother, younger aunt, and elderly aunt were all teachers when she was growing up, Zwane claims that her vocation as a teacher has always been more of a calling than a job.

“What is special about being a teacher to me is that I am allowed to work for God, touch and change the lives of the learners”, declared Zwane.

Zwane also mentioned that she had faced challenges during her time as a teacher, but that in 2023, her role as a friend and mother to her learners allowed them to feel comfortable enough to confide in her about anything, even their dreams, which helped them learn more easily.

“When learners have a sense of belonging, they tend to open up, and as a teacher, it becomes easier for you to understand them as well as to know their learning capabilities”, said Zwane.

Zwane assertively said that rather than having her as the teacher do all the teaching all the time, she encourages peer teaching to occur in her classroom. This gives learners the chance to mentor one another, which helps them become more confident and gets them ready to stand in front of an audience.

Since some learners learn best when they are in a group, she also promotes group conversations.

Because she utilized it to profile her students, Zwane excels and has a 100% pass record in Economics for the year 2023. This helped her get to know her learners and their academic potential.

“Some people may view my arrangement of my learners based on their academic abilities as incorrect, but for me, it worked and paid off 100%,” Zwane stated.


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