Phalaborwa Volkswagen Crew Donates to Needy families 

BA-PHALABORWA– Volkswagen drivers are labeled as reckless drivers, allegedly known to be causing most accidents, but Phalaborwa Volkswagen Crew wants to change that perception. The Crew donated food parcels to ten disadvantaged families in Namakgale, Majeje and Lulekani, on Sunday, December 27.
The founder of the crew, Mosoma Jan, said that most young people spend their money buying alcohol, so he challenged them to atleast feed a family by donating food.
According to the 30 year old founder, they would like to continue to improve the lives of needy people.
The families were astonished when they saw about 40 Volkswagen vehicles loaded with groceries, including mealie meal, cabbage,rice, tinned food, cooking oil, juice, sugar, tea, toilet papers, potatoes, carrots, onions, soap and body lotion. They danced for joy and ululated when they saw the parcels. The families were identified by a local social worker, Emeldah Ralph, who thanked the VW crew members for being a blessing during this season of giving.
Mosoma acknowledged all the members, VW Polokwane, H-tee, Stego, Wallmal Project, Phatudi trading, Dikwekwe project, Hlangy domestic and construction.
The crew encouraged locals to join them in their quest to improve the lives of the disadvantaged. ” In January we will be embarking on the back to school campaign, please come and join, the joining fee is R150 which sie of it goes to the donation, let us give back to the community,” Mosoma concluded.

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