Pensioner Complete Matric at 65 to inspire youth at Senakwe Village


By Theodorah Waga Mawasha

SENAKWE VILLAGE-The resilient pensioner believes that age is, but, just a number. This after he finally completed his matric after years of setbacks and delays.

Johannes Rasehlapa (65), from Senakwe village, in Greater Letaba, completed matric in 2011, through correspondence at Masopha high school.

Rasehlapa was supposed to have acquired the higher certificate 15 years ago but, he was not succeeding. He forged ahead nonetheless.

“I was supposed to have completed matric in the year 1998 after dropping out. I faced challenges along the way thus I was delayed. In any case, I swore to myself defiantly that, I will not die without a matric certificate. Today, I pride myself on my accomplishments and the certificate is hanging on my bedroom wall”, Rasehlapa announced proudly.

The married father of four, registered in History, Sepedi, English, Criminology, Biblical studies, and Earthnology and impressively passed all the 6 subjects. He said that he is saddened that two of his children have already dropped out of school and are not motivated to take a leaf out of his book.

“Although I am happy with my accomplishments, I still worry about my children who have neglected education. It breaks my heart”. Said Rasehlapa.

His wife, Tiny Mailula, chipped in and said that she is inspired by what her husband has achieved and wishes the same for their children.

“My husband’s courage is commendable. Most people his age is wallowing in a deep slumber and do not care much about life.”Mailula added.

While Rasehlapa boasts about his matric certificate to everyone who cares to listen, he is however bothered by the fact that he will not be allowed to register at tertiary institutions because of his age.

” I am happy I never gave up. I intend to continue studying but unfortunately will not be able to. I have been denied entry timeously in higher education institutions. Nevertheless, I encourage young people to pursue their dreams persistently. They must not listen to naysayers because impossible is nothing.”Rasehlapa said

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